Customer Spotlight: Santa Cruz Pasta

Santa Cruz Pasta Company in Santa Cruz, CA was always pressed for time to make their deliveries to Whole foods and other grocers throughout the Bay Area.   To solve their efficiency and time crunch demands, they turned to MSA Systems in San Jose, CA, a turn-key solution specialist with Integrated QuickBooks software called QStock Inventory and Delivery.

The owner of Santa Cruz Pasta, Steve Simmonovich, knows what being on time for his deliveries means.  In this world of time managers, managers of the leading grocers want their deliveries to be constant with prompt and accurate delivery.   This can make supply and delivery very difficult for smaller companies.

Just as UPS logs every stop they make during their routes each day, Santa Cruz Pasta has to have everything arrive at the expected time and have every order accurately filled. This small business owner made the investment with QStock Inventory to (continue the growth of his company without being surpassed by the competition) With QStock Inventory’s delivery functionality at the driver’s fingertips, he can now make each delivery successfully and in record time. During his morning routine, he processes each order with accuracy with bar code scanning, making sure he has proper counts for all his deliveries. He can rest assured that he is never too short or that he has too much stock on-hand.  He arrives at each grocery store on his route with the right technology on his hip.

When we asked Steve, the owner, how QStock Inventory has helped his business, he said, “Santa Cruz Pasta now saves 30 minutes per stop because of this new automated software technology.  And because QStock Inventory was designed with ease-of-use in mind, my drivers were trained in no time at all.”  The driver leaves each store with a smile on the manager’s face.

Santa Cruz Pasta has leap ahead of its competition with the QStock Inventory technology. The manager at Whole Foods has mentioned that he feels his supplier is now head of the class in his deliveries, has the confidence that the pasta is fresh and that it all orders will be delivered on time.

For the small business owner that is running QuickBooks, QStock Inventory software, with its delivery functionality, can help predefine deliveries and routes before the driver starts his route in order to save time and be more efficient.  QStock Inventory is the best choice whether you’re delivering pasta or parts to the local auto store.  You will always have correct and accurate orders.

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