My Thoughts on Food Traceability

As a food lover, a mom and a healthy minded person I have strong convictions when it comes to food safety. I have been victim to food illnesses during my  life and they are not fun.  Fortunately mine have only been a temporary setback nothing that had residual effects to me. When I’m doing my weekly shopping in my mind I think about the handing of all foods that I put in my grocery basket.  I do wonder how long it has been sitting on the shelf, the safety, the care to get it the supermarket.

Being an Inventory Gal and a reasonably knowledgeable person about Traceability, I have observed many Production and Warehouse environments over the course of my career. I have seen great Traceability and others not well managed. Time to get into the Action Now.  I  personally want to be informed and to educate others  on what is happening in this industry as it relates to laws around safety and FDA mandates as I believe they are needed and I’m all for it.

I work with small food companies to set up track and traceability solutions so food will be safe for you and me.  I can’t begin to tell you how often I have heard from owners “That the cost of software is expensive”. “Or I will wait until they force me to do full traceability in my production area” . I shiver in my boots when I hear these words. The small food company is just as much at risk as the big boys like Nestle, General Mills. I again take to my soap box and share that there is a necessity for product labeling, bar codes, full traceability through the supply chain.  That means you need a software system that will record measurements, assemblies, work order builds for a full track back/traceability system in place for safety.

With new laws that have been signed by the government,  all food manufacturers and produce companies need a system  in place if they have not done so. That is where MSA Systems can step in with our knowledge of 40 years collectively in the Supply chain Industry and assist in getting your distribution in check whether you’re a small $1-3 million supplier or a big giant in the industry. MSA Systems provide solutions for what the FDA and the FMSA call for in safety to protect everyone. Take a look at our website

I’m supplying  the website for the FDA mandates below. Two Major reforms that are currently underway,  where signed into effect  Jan 4, 2013. As conscious business owners please take these regulations to heart don’t wait for a recall from a contaminant, or an outbreak of some kind.  ACT NOW.       

Preventive Controls for Human Food:                                       
 Sheet on Proposed Ruling                    Standards for Produce Safety

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