Food Distribution

Food Distribution will have to stand up to the scrutiny of traceability audits and regulation. Lots are often recorded on work order papers and sometimes in Excel, but both can take hours to perform a traceability audit. With QStock Inventory recording the lots as your items flow through your facility, you will be able to provide traceability auditors with exactly the information they need within seconds, allowing you to put your product into big box retailers.


Ecommerce businesses are technology savvy, but need real time integration with their ecommerce sites and need to compete with big stores like Amazon. With auto-allocation and shipping integration orders can be picked, packed, and shipped within minutes leaving the competition in the dust.

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods distributors struggle with maintaining margins and high throughput. QStock Inventory helps deliver fast Return on Investment through reducing errors and facilitating scalability. If you are double or even triple counting each order, barcode scanning will do the data validation for you so you can focus on adding sales volume.

Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices bring their own set of challenges. Serial numbers are an excellent way to track warranty claims but are very hard to manage on paper and even in Excel are very prone to data errors. QStock Inventory’s serial tracking allows you to decide when you want to record up to three serials per product so you have the information you need without overwhelming your work force.