As stricter regulations are put into place on tracking and manufacturing in the medical field, QStock Inventory helps meet the compliance of these standards.

Lot Number Tracking

There are several ares of the bio tech industry that lot number tracking is beneficial, and sometimes required by governing bodies:

1. Medical Equipment Serial Tracking – Within any particular office, there may be hundreds of different pieces of equipment. With lot number tracking, it makes it easy to find the warranties and other pertinent information about that equipment.

2. In the manufacturing space, it is important to know exactly where the components come from that comprise each finished good. Lot number tracking aids in accessing information such as where that component was manufactured, what finished product it went into, and who the end consumer was. If there is ever a back order on any component, it can be easily tracked to the final end user.

Good Manufacturing Processes

cGMPs require the maintaining of production, control and distribution records and the retention of these records for a minimum period of time after the expiration date of an active ingredient, a batch of a drug product, or other set marker.

cGMPs require retained records be readily available for inspection during the retention period at the establishment where the activities described occurred.


Sanitation and sterilization are incredibly important in a hospitals and surgical centers. Specific bar code scanners have been designed to withstand sanitation and sterilization so they are safe to use in hospitals and surgical centers.