Disrupting the Coffee Supply Chain


Disrupting Coffees Supply Chain

Source: Kickstarter

What makes me so excited about supply chain, is that it is sometimes so much easier to add value or realize savings quickly. Compared to sales and marketing, making small adjustments to the operations and supply chain can yield incredible results!

A great example is Vega, who has a Kickstarter campaign up that is poised to take an antiquated coffee supply chain with dozens of middle-men that will save the consumer considerably, get more money into the hands of the farmers who desperately need it, and ultimately deliver a better cup of joe with almost 6 months more shelf life!

Most farmers in the developing world lack direct access to markets, and sell their coffee to middlemen. In fact, it can take up to six months and around 20 middlemen for a coffee bean to reach the consumer! As a result, farmers often have no idea what the finished product looks like or how coffee lovers enjoy it, coffee lovers have no connection to the farmers who grow their coffee, and middlemen wind up reaping handsome profits.

How does your industry stand? Are there opportunities to go out and shake things up to reduce prices, gain market share, and increase profits? If your operations would benefit from greater visibility into your business, give us a call today!

Source: S&DC | Kickstarter

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