Marc Hernandez

While the exact numbers are confidential, since the installation of the MSA
solution Agron has:

  • Reduced staff by 35 percent during normal operating hours
  • Reduced staff by over 50 percent during peak periods
  • Realized an ROI for their investment in less than 12 months

Agron personnel boast that they did this while significantly increasing the
number of units shipped per day.
According to Marc Hernandez, Director of Customer Service for Agron,
Inc., their business has grown substantially and orders are getting larger.
They were unfamiliar with automation systems that use bar codes and RFID
so MSA was able to provide a simple, user-friendly system to permit Agron
to take more orders, accommodate the increased demand, and turn orders
around quicker for their retailers. The system was easy to learn and the
installation, training and change over went very smoothly.

You can't
ship what
you can't find.

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