Drop Shipping for Intacct with Multi-vendor Order using QStock Inventory

QStock Inventory is a Warehouse Management System, or WMS, and has a deep real time integration with Intacct through a web services connection. Today we’ll be showing you how we manage a multi-vendor dropship order from a Sales Order in Intacct, creating a PO, PO Receiver Vendor Invoice and Shipper document per vendor with a few clicks, saving you typically 70% of the data entry normally associated with this kind of work. You can even have Sales Orders that have dropship and non-dropship items together on one Sales Order that QStock will know how to separate and fulfill accordingly to allocate and pick/pack/ship that portion of the SO physically in the warehouse with barcode scanning and automatically create a shipper document in Intacct, showing you how this differs from Native dropship in Intacct.

One of the things that QStock does is streamline the fulfillment process and receiving process in your physical warehouse. Today though, we are going to show you how QStock also can help manage this multi-vendor virtual fulfillment flow.

Here is a new sales order in Intacct with a few line items, that will be coming from 3 separate vendors and designated to a dropship warehouse so QStock knows to kick off dropship logic. When we save the Sales Order in Intacct to the custom status of “Send to Warehouse”, QStock copies the sales order and updates the status to “Confirmed”, so in the order can be split if there are portions that are dropship and others that are physical fulfill.

To fulfill the order into QStock, we’ll see in the dropship interface the preferred vendors and be able to manage the creation of PO’s with a click if all looks correct. Once the vendors supply you with more info on tracking and vendor invoice number, our next action allows you to create the rest of the documents.

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