Managing Landed Cost in Intacct with QStock Landed Cost

QStock Inventory is a Warehouse Management System, or WMS, and has a deep real time integration with Intacct through a web services connection. Today we’ll be showing you how we handled adding landing cost to items arriving in containers from Purchase Orders in Intacct.

One of the things that QStock does is streamline the fulfillment process and receiving process in your physical warehouse. Today though, we are going to show you how QStock also can help add landing cost items like freight and tax, distributed across multiple items received.

Here are some purchase orders in Intacct with items that we’ll be adding costs to. We are putting the purchase orders together into a container since that’s how they’ll arrive, and it will make it easier to receive physically as you bring in items with landed cost as a factor. Once we have the costs, we can pick a few different methods of adding cost, or completely customize in cost distribution. Once posted, landed cost for those items will be updated in Intacct.

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