Sales Order Pick Pack Ship Fulfillment with Intacct and QStock

QStock Inventory is a Warehouse Management System, or WMS, and has a deep real time integration with Intacct through a web services connection. Today we’ll be showing you how we create a Sales Order in Intacct, allocate and pick/pack/ship that SO physically in the warehouse with barcode scanning and automatically create a shipper or sales invoice document in Intacct.

One of the things that QStock does is streamline the fulfillment process in your physical warehouse.

Here is a new sales order in Intacct with a few line items. When we save the Sales Order in Inacct to the custom status of “Send to Warehouse”, QStock copies the sales order and updates the status to “Confirmed”, so in the warehouse we now see the same sales order to work against and the people working in Intacct can see what is pending fulfillment.

To fulfill the order into QStock, we are going to use a Wi-Fi enabled windows device with a barcode scanner like this one running QStock Mobile. As you can see, I have visibility to all of the open SO’s in Intacct, QStock Desktop, and QStock Mobile. This allows me to see from the perspective of finance, warehouse management and the people working on the warehouse floor in ways that make most sense to each role.

Allocated orders show up to allow pickers to get the right items from the right places following the most efficient path. After shipping the order in QStock, we can see the Intacct Sales Order go from Pending to Converted as the Shipper document is created. We can also see the individual Item Activity show the decrease in stock for the items that we scanned in and shipped through QStock. An important thing to note is that SO’s and their associated shippers and Sales Invoices are linked in Intacct, just like Intacct would do in its natural workflow.

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