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This is Justin again from QStock Inventory and today is traceability day! If you handle food or pharmaceuticals, you know what I’m talking about, having crystal clear visibility forward and backward for the life-cycle of an item and lot.

Today we’re going to go over the trace forward and the traceback reports, and as a bonus were going to look at the transaction history for the work order.

For products that we ingest, like food and pharmaceuticals, the ingredients and the finished good come with a lot code so we can track where it came from in case of spoilage or similar incident.

With a finished good and it’s lot code, here it is linked to the actual Work Order, we can see the raw materials used, the lot codes of those raw materials, and the production information.

If we know the raw material item number and its lot code, we can see our current inventory level, who the raw material has been shipped to, any work orders that produced a new product, and all the shipments of that finished good.

Now that we know the work order, we can print detailed reports of all of the transactions performed in creating the finished good, including who picked the raw materials, who produced the finished good, and the assembly adjustments as they hit the financial system.

The US Food Safety Modernization Act may not require traceability for farm grown ingredients, the major retails are. QStock Inventory gives you the visibility you need for compliance to get into those larger stores. Call us today and ask how we have helped customers meet the strict requirements to get into Costco and Whole Foods.

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