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QStock Inventory Integration – ServiceTitan

Stronger accuracy & accountability.  Let your techs focus on jobs not on parts.

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive solution for the front office. QStock comes alongside ServiceTitan as a best in class solution with warehouse and truck inventory management tools that our customers find critical for fleets with more than 25 trucks like:

  • Truck Templates for consistency while scaling
  • Clear Truck Replenishment Workflows
  • Truck & Warehouse Inventory on-hand Visibility
  • Tighter parts accountability creating stronger cashflow

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Multiple Integrations

Deep integration with Shopify for eCommerce, Wholesale and POS.

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Barcode Scanning

Integrated Receiving from PO’s created in Accounting systems like Intacct and Quickbooks, using barcode scanning through Mobile Handheld Devices.

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Inventory Movement

Moves, Adjustments, Zoning, Transfers from desktops and handhelds and scans.

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Tracking Traceability information like Lot, Expiry Date, Manufacture Date and Serials.

Benefits of a QStock and ServiceTitan Integration

If you have more than 25 trucks, you might need just a little more visibility between your warehouse and your trucks. That is where QStock comes in. We take our core warehouse workflows and help centralize the demand of material from purchasing, to warehouse management, and finally replenishing to the trucks. Our Truck templates make adding vehicles to growing fleets as easy as a couple of clicks of the mouse.

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