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Lean is the new orange and the easiest way to test new products or product lines, drop shipping can  be an easy way to add items without expending capital or losing warehouse space. QStock Inventory’s drop shipping module allows you to rapidly scale while remaining lean.

Drop Shipping Module

Automated Workflow

Drop shipping manually is a very paper intensive process. There are a number of documents that need to be created and managed through each order’s process.

QStock Inventory will recognize the line items that need to be drop shipped, and will create and maintain those documents for you. it back and let the systems do the work for you!

Shipping Configuration

QStock Inventory connects with FedEx and UPS out of the box to bring your tracking numbers to invoices. Adding the shipping information to the order marks that delivery as complete, and we will post that back to the invoice as if the order was picked and shipped from your warehouse.

Multiple Vendor Management

Every year we have more and more options and having the flexibility to take advantage of vendor’s sales can be a huge savings. Select your favorite vendor as the preferred, then take control, or sit back and let QStock Inventory take car of the rest.

Partial Shipping

Have the flexibility to dropship partial lines as they are fulfilled. Not every shipment can be fulfilled in a single shot, with QStock Inventory you have the flexibility to do business how business needs to be done.

Split Order Support

Present your website customers with a single interface, but manage your inventory through multiple warehouses. QStock Inventory will manage where to fulfill from and make sure your deliveries make it to the right person.

Orders you fulfill in-house will go through your usual processes in QStock and give you the best in class control of your inventory so you know exactly where every product is at any moment.

Manual/Auto Drop Shipment

Choose to manage your drop shipments manually or let QStock Inventory flex its muscle and automate the process for you. We make fulfilling orders easy so you can focus on the rest of your inventory and supply chain.

Scale While Remaining Lean

If would like to schedule a free consultation to see if QStock is right for you, Contact Us Today by filling in the form below or call us at (408) 252-9000. We would love to hear about your business and how QStock can help you achieve your business goals.

QStock Inventory

QStock offers Warehouse Control, Integrated Shipping, eCommerce, ASNs, Commercial Invoices, Customer Portal, Drop Ship, Lot & Serial Track and Trace, Work Order, with compliance label printing from FDA UDI compliance to SSCC-18 Labels.

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