A good and properly implemented barcode system protects an organization by ensuring data accuracy. Because data is obtained rapidly and accurately, the management is able to make more informed business decisions. Better decision making ultimately saves both money and time for any business.

Barcode scanning and rfid technology


With Item-level RFID you have a competitive advantage for better inventory accuracy, visibility and insight, enabling in stock products and increased sales.

Taking a store inventory can now happen with lightning speed with near perfect accuracy.

The Cost of the Tags is far cheaper and will continue to drop as the rate of adoption happens.

The VICS board (Voluntary Inter industry Commerce Solutions Association) decision to adopt the guidelines for tag placements gives the industry and suppliers need to move from pilots to doing roll outs of RFID.

GS1 EPC standards increase visibility and efficiency in your supply chain. It improves quality information for companies like JC Penny’s and their suppliers.


Barcodes have been around for much longer than RFID and can be found on almost all products in retail shops and grocery stores. Once a barcode is created, almost any barcode reader anywhere in the world, can read it and extract the information that is encoded onto it.

Barcodes are great for recording transactions as each is performed, and generally the preferred method of data entry over RFID for our implementations.

UPC X-Reference

For items that are barcoded as they enter the warehouse, QStock Inventory can create a mapping to your item numbers, even quantity or Unit of Measure specific, so that when you scan a barcode, it can tell if it is an inner or outer pack, 1 or 12.

Barcode Symbologies

QStock Inventory and handhelds can handle multiple barcode symbologies including:

  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • 2D
  • QR

Contact us today for a full list of supported symbologies catered to your business.

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