Multi-Channel Consumer Goods

Bring all of your sales channels into a single stream to make fulfillment easier, and to have your data up to date across your systems.

Wholesale + eCommerce + Delivery

Wholesale Distributors are finding new and exciting ways to get into front of their customers, but this often means finding multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. 

Operations is often tasked with manually pulling that information together to get the product to the customer. This is usually at the cost of visibility to the data. 

To complete with Amazon’s next day shipping, more distributors are turning to QStock Inventory to be the central hub of order fulfillment, and to bring all of the sales data into their financial system for robust reporting.

SSCC-18 Labeling capabilities open up the ability to get into big box retailers like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, and others with stringent requirements.

Challenges for Consumer Goods

  • Too many systems 
  • Multi-Entity requirements 
  • Possible theft/shrink 
  • High employee turnover 
  • Multiple systems with little integration 
  • Multi-Channel need for inventory:
    • Delivery
    • eCommerce
    • B2B
    • Wholesale 

Key Benefits of QStock Inventory for Consumer Goods

Access Anywhere

Your key data in sync, across systems and on any device.

Barcode Scanning

Record the work real-time as its being done with barcode scanning, for speed & accuracy.

Shared Information

Effortless information sharing between the finance and operations teams.


Shift from scrambling to get orders out, to data driven inventory planning.

How Does QStock Inventory Help?​


QStock Inventory creates a seamless link to order processing and logistics management in order to pick, pack, and ship product out of the facility. This includes integration with any process not directly handled by the WMS. For example, warehouse management software doesn’t typically come equipped with a built-in shipping platform, so integration with a popular shipping software is helpful.

Reporting & Forecasting

Tracking product locations, suppliers, and storage duration allows companies to control inventory levels and maximize the use of warehouse space. This practice of analysis better prepares businesses for the demands of the market, especially during unique circumstances such as a peak season, holidays, or during daily deals. The reports generated by the inventory management system can highlight best-selling SKUs, target price range, fastest moving SKUs, SKU history, etc.

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Multi-Channel Consumer Goods Features


Integrations to the most robust eCommerce platforms

Barcode Scanning

Quickly and accurately track through simple workflows

Customer Portal

Let key customers place and manage their own orders


Leverage over 65 carriers to get your product delivered

Point of Sale

Push product to stores based on sales activity.

SSCC-18 Labels

Package labeling for big box retail (Walmart, Lowes, etc)

Kit in Distribution

Kit on the fly or build to stock based on your needs

Cycle Counting

Count a portion of your inventory daily for accuracy

Key Integrations

Sage Intacct

Leverage dimensions and multi-entity reporting to bring all of your businesses under a single reporting engine.


Auto-Allocate and start picking just moments after customers place their orders to compete with buyer’s demanding expectations.

Shopify POS

Free your retail stores from ordering and drive replenishment from the distribution center for Just in Time Inventory.


Quickly get shipping information into ShipStation, and push Tracking Numbers pushed to eCommerce and Financial systems. 

How Can QStock Inventory Work In Your Business?

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What To Expect on the Call​

We know you probably have a number of questions about other integrations and industries that QStock Inventory works with or maybe want to see a demo. 

Here are the next steps:

  1. We want to answer your questions and understand your key initiatives.
  2. We will want to get an idea of the number of warehouses, items and entities.
  3. Go through your receiving and picking processes to see how you do things today and where you are trying to go.
  4. Learn about if Work Orders or Kitting is involved and to what degree.
  5. Plan a demonstration agenda together and schedule to show you how QStock Inventory will work in your business.

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