Lot tracking and serialization helps you have clear traceability of your product through receiving, production, and sales to end customers. We give you the reporting and tools to meet regulatory compliance guidelines for your industry.

Your vendor calls you and tells you that something they sold you has an issue and you need to recall your finished good. How do you track them down?

A customer calls and their product died. You have a 90 day warranty, but they don’t have a receipt and you have no way to figure out which of their three years of invoices it was shipped on. Is it still covered?

Lot and serial numbers allow you to track your products from the raw materials you received, every step in the warehouse, through the finished good sent to the end customers.

The product was shipped damaged. As a manager, would it be helpful to trace every receipt, put away, direct move, pick, and count done to a specific item? If you could tie a user to each transaction, would you be better able to determine when to retrain?

Where barcoding adds accuracy and automation, serialization and lot tracking add visibility to a warehouse. QStock Inventory lets you maintain the information to the level you want on an item-by-item basis to give you the visibility your business requires.

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