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QStock is Robust Warehouse Management QStock is Integrated Multi-Channel Order Management QStock is Orderly Receiving QStock is Streamlined Cycle Counting QStock is Integrated Pick-Pack-Ship

Integrated With Some of the Most Popular Systems on the Market


Companies like you using Qstock

eCommerce Distribution

QStock deeply integrates with leading eCommerce & Marketplace solutions like Shopify and Amazon in the cloud.

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Wholesale Distribution

Backorder management, Commercial Invoices, ASNs, SSCC-18 Labels, Distributor Centric Customer portal and much more

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Cannabis Distribution

Streamlined traceability based receiving and picking workflows for cannabis based products and accessories.

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Electronic & Medical Devices

Serial aware RMA management, Advanced Serial and Lot Tracking with ability to read and print FDA compliant UDI labels.

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Capabilities and Benefits

Here’s how QStock can help streamline and grow your business

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Serial and Lot Traceability

This all begins with proper inventory management. Barcoding is key to the accuracy and detail needed to comply with traceability requirements. Human input is simply too prone to error, and it is also far less efficient.

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Cycle Counting and Inventory Control

With QStock, your teams can ditch the paper and excel, using wireless barcode scanning distributed amongst your team to allow you to continuously recount small portions of your warehouse.

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Directed Picking and Barcode Scanning

A good and properly implemented barcode system protects an organization by ensuring data accuracy. Because data is obtained rapidly and accurately, the management is able to make more informed business decisions.

inventory management

Multiple Shipping Integrations

Qstock Inventory connects with FedEx and UPS out of the box to bring your tracking numbers to invoices. Adding the shipping information to the order marks that delivery as complete, and we will post that back to the invoice as if the order was picked and shipped from your warehouse.


Multichannel Allocation

As your business grows you might want to branch out and sell online or in physical stores. No matter what you choose you will need a multichannel allocation system and QStock is just that.

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Streamlined Receiving and Labeling

One of the things that QStock does is streamline the receiving process in your Physical warehouse and has a deep real-time integration with Intacct through a web services connection.

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