Turn any tablet, phone or computer connected to the Internet into a point-of-sale terminal and connect it to your QStock e-commerce inventory and order fulfillment system in minutes!

Connect your existing or new Virtual Point Of Sale solutions from leading providers such as Shopify and many others with the rest of your IT and business management systems namely your financial accounting and inventory systems.

Leverage Qstock’s powerful Cloud based integration capabilities to not only provide a great on-line experience for your customers but also create real-time visibility into what sales revenue is being generated on your various sales channels and or specific point-of-sales terminals, locations and pop-up-events.

With Qstock, you can finally run your entire operation as one cohesive unit from the point an order is taken on-line to when you reconcile your bank statement and your sales receipt in your QuickBooks and or Intacct accounting and financial systems.

Qstock automatically posts your point-of-sale transactions to Quickbooks or Intacct based on your business requirements and provides up to the minute inventory levels to the POS and the accounting system simultaneously. Our web services methodology eliminates the error-prone and manual synchronization that your staff has to do to keep the POS and or your on-line store in sync with the inventory, order fulfillment systems.

Qstock also supports alternative payment methods such as Gift Cards. But it doesn’t end there. We make the details and the summary of Gift Card usage available to you in your financial system!

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