Solutions QStock Inventory Solves

The visibility you need, in the workflows that feel natural.

With QStock we’ve improved our outbound order output by 66% and decreased our order to ship time from 5 days to as fast as same day now without adding headcount.
Vicki De Roeck

Inventory Control

Enable your business to become even more cost effective with barcode scanning and automation


Traceabillty is not just logging the Lot, it is the complete view of the life of a product.


Integrated systems allow you to promise "in by 2, out by 4" to WOW your customers.

Work Order

Create a plan for a build, and give your team the clarity on the work that needs to be performed.

The ability that QStock has provided in their barcode system has not only sped up the whole process, it has also given us such a high accuracy level we only require minimal updates during reconciliation. For the first time ever, I anticipate a short year-end inventory.
Alice Harvey
Castle Hill Gaming

Serial Management

Track serials through he supply chain and manage returning product with RMA

Barcode Scanning

Eliminate the headache, and seamlessly bridges the gap between Operations and Finance.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Managers move from fighting fires to truly managing their warehouse operations.

Field Service

Truck inventory is the key enabler to ensuring jobs are done profitably on the first visit

With QStock, we’ve been able to decrease paperwork and increase counting speed and accuracy from 7-9 hours per truck location to more like 2.5 hours and overall accuracy and controls have decreased valuation variance from more than $1000 per location to often times less than $120. We’ve also been able to have more people trained on how to do the work so I’m not doing it all myself anymore. We couldn’t have done it without QStock.
Larry Buchda
George Brazil


Track and record weights as items move through your supply chain integrated to your financials

Purchasing Assistant

Data-Driven purchasing to know exactly when and what to order with just a couple mouse clicks

Customer Portal

Give key customers direct access to place, and view real-time status of every order

Matrix Inventory

View inventory by Style, Size, and Color or Category, Strain, and Type or even Varietal, Volume, and Year

We love the ability to see in real time how our inventory is being managed, and the ability to tie QStock to our mobile handhelds has helped us shave hours off our inventory counts and order pulling.
Jennifer Ford
Raising a Reader

PO Reservation

Let the system automate your cross-docking so your customers always get their product

Wave & Batch Picking

Save time picking by grouping orders together to make sure every step in the pick path counts