When the stakes of track and trace is life and death, have confidence your lab has every detail. Now more than ever experience matters! MSA Systems and QStock Inventory have helped the world’s most advanced laboratories find and track their supplies, materials, and experiments to guarantee safety and accuracy of their results. 

Cepheid Receives Emergency Use Authorization from FDA for Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Test

We are proud to be the scanning solution for Cepheid! Cepheid announced it has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for Xpert® Xpress SARS-CoV-2, a rapid molecular diagnostic test for qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

MSA Systems is proud to support these companies leading the charge against COVID-19

Best Practices for BioTech Companies

Laboratories are required to maintain production, control, and distribution records. They also are responsible for the retention of these records for a minimum period of time after the expiration date of an active ingredient, a batch of a drug product, or other set marker.

Laboratories require retained records be readily available for inspection during the retention period at the establishment where the activities described occurred.

Sanitation and sterilization are incredibly important in a hospitals and surgical centers. Specific bar code scanners have been designed to withstand sanitation and sterilization so they are safe to use in hospitals and surgical centers.

Challenges for BioTech

  • Traceability: Required to track the freshness of products from a laboratory safety perspective and an efficiency perspective.
  • Accuracy and Visibility: better visibility into the inventory with a boost in order and shipment accuracy. Purchasing Assistant keeps stock as demand shifts.
  • Management: track lab workers’ day-to-day activities, including the work they complete, and workforce’s performance.
  • Modernization: Laboratory Science companies are hindered by manual and paper based processes.
  • Inventory Control: Accurate inventory to reduce the need for full inventory counts, and allowing cycle counts without stopping fulfillment.

Key Benefits of QStock Inventory for BioTech

Access Anywhere

Your key data in sync, across systems, desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Barcode Scanning

Record the work real-time as its being done, barcode scanned, for speed & accuracy.

Shared Information

Effortless information sharing between the finance and operations teams.


Shift from scrambling to get orders out to data driven inventory planning.

How Does QStock Inventory Help?​

There are several areas of the BioTech industry that lot number, expiration, or serial information is mandatory, sometimes all on a single item.  Tracking is not just beneficial, but often required by governing bodies:

  1. Medical Equipment Serial Tracking – Within any particular office, there may be hundreds of different pieces of equipment. With lot number tracking, it makes it easy to find the warranties and other pertinent information about that equipment.
  2. Manufacturing/Assembly – it is important to know exactly where the components come from that comprise each finished good. Lot number tracking aids in accessing information such as where that component was manufactured, what finished product it went into, and who the end consumer was. If there is ever a back order on any component, it can be easily tracked to the final end user.
  3. Adjustments – Recognize adjustments as products are consumed, damaged, spoil, in your inventory system and on your general ledger.

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Laboratory Management Features for BioTech

Barcode Scanning

Quickly and accurate data entry through simple workflows.

Usage / Consumption

Control how adjustments hit your inventory journals.

FDA Auditing

Pull up mock audit reports from an item and lot in just seconds.

Flexible BOMs

Flexible Bill of Materials with controls for consistency.


Choose the most efficient way to move inventory.


Seamlessly handle Inter- and Intra- Company Transfers.


Serial verification on RMA Receipt for Warranty.

Label On-Demand

Print barcodes with tracking information in workflows.


Automatically assign expiry date from components used.

Work Order

Choose between Discrete or Batch to match your processes.

Unit of Measure

Order product and ship in different pack sizes.

Kit in Distribution

Kit on the fly or build to stock based on your needs.


Background allocation to increase automation.

Directed Pick

Ensure proper FIFO inventory rotation.

Track & Trace

Lot, Exp Date, Mfg Date, and Serial tracking for each item.

UDI Scanning

Effortlessly scan Lot, Expiry, Serial in a single barcode.

Purchasing Assistant

Know what to order with dynamic recommendations.


Leverage over 65 carriers to get your product delivered.

Cycle Counting

Count a portion of your inventory daily for perpetual inventory.

PO Reservation

Lock incoming inventory to Sales Order Lines.

Quantity Sync

Know your On Hand and Available between systems.

Key Integrations & Modules


Direct integration to Sage Intacct and QuickBooks for real time inventory valuation and up to the minute financial reporting.

Work Order

Track your parts through multiple build levels that leverages your financial system’s costing engine at the time of build.

Track & Trace

Tell when items were received, by whom, all movement, any work orders it was produced under, and every touch point.

Barcode Scanning

Eliminate keying data into spreadsheets with point and click data entry, including barcode parsing and UDI.

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  3. Go through your receiving and picking processes to see how you do things today and where you are trying to go.
  4. Learn about if Work Orders or Kitting is involved and to what degree.
  5. Plan a demonstration agenda together and schedule to show you how QStock Inventory will work in your business.

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