QStock Inventory as a Solution For Field Service

Inventory Management maintenance for services like HVAC, Electrical, Solar, Plumbing, and others!

“With QStock, we’ve been able to decrease paperwork and increase counting speed and accuracy from 7-9 hours per truck location to more like 2.5 hours and overall accuracy and controls have decreased valuation variance from more than $1000 per location to often times less than $120. We’ve also been able to have more people trained on how to do the work so I’m not doing it all myself anymore. We couldn’t have done it without QStock.”

Larry Buchda George Brazil

Barcode Scanning

Effortless data entry for businesses looking to compete with Amazon for speed between order placement, and shipment to customer.

Truck Management

Central visibility to every item on each truck allows dispatch to coordinate inventory transfers to prevent lost time and expense purchasing at hardware stores.

Truck Replenishment

Truck templates that look at real time inventory levels so the trucks can be replenished every day to keep the truck on the road and producing.

Cycle Counts

Instead of Excel sheets and double entry, leveraging barcode scanning to expedite counts from 3 days to just a few hours while increasing accuracy.

Benefits of a QStock Inventory for Field Service Businesses

QStock Inventory provides the critical inventory management capabilities you need to:

  • Manage the truck inventory of parts you use on job sites
  • Provide usage visibility of truck inventory to the warehouse in real-time as parts are used at job site
  • Enable the warehouse or supply room to replenish truck inventory before it’s a problem
  • Update your financial system such as Quickbooks or Intacct with job invoice data automatically
  • Utilize your accounting and central purchasing system to buy goods on time

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What To Expect on the Call

We know you probably have a number of questions about other integrations and industries that QStock Inventory works with or maybe want to see a demo. 

Here are the next steps:

  1. We want to answer your questions and understand your key initiatives.
  2. We will want to get an idea of the number of warehouses, items and entities.
  3. Go through your receiving and picking processes to see how you do things today and where you are trying to go.
  4. Learn about if Work Orders or Kitting is involved and to what degree.
  5. Plan a demonstration agenda together and schedule to show you how QStock Inventory will work in your business.

Inventory Management for Field Service

How Two Field Service Companies

Saved Thousands in Lost Inventory