With an integrated system like QStock, there is no repetitive data entry. Not only does  this save time, it also significantly reduces human error which allows for accurate  projections, confident decision making, and increased revenue.

Inventory Control

Perpetual Inventory

Many businesses struggle with knowing their inventory levels. When there isn’t confidence in the stocking levels, monthly and even weekly full inventory counts are required to bring the company back into alignment.

Cycle counts can eliminate the costs in indirect labor, overtime, and lost productivity by counting a small portion of your inventory every day, so just like a cruise ship heading to Hawaii making small course corrections along the way, you too can end up in paradise.

Operations: Fulfills orders faster and more accurately. Less overtime doing counts.

Purchasing: Best able to negotiate prices and shipments, knowing throughput and current stock.

Finance: Properly valuate inventory for banks, investors, and taxes.

Sales: Look like champions with on-time orders, knowledgeable in their discussions with customers.

Customer Service: reduced call volume from checking on orders, freeing them to shift focus to managing accounts.

Human Resources: Improved employee morale, from no longer having to lose their weekends and holidays to count product.


Knowing where a product is in the manufacturing process is critical. With QStock Inventory, and just a click of the mouse, you are able to see exactly which raw good was used in what finished product. Having this level of traceability will help if ever there is a recall, saving time and money. Increase sales by leveraging traceability to go after the big box retailers, just like other QStock clients.

RFID & Barcoding

With QStock Inventory, you are able to choose which system works best for your company and your company’s needs. Barcodes and RFIDs both have their advantages and disadvantages, and an educated member of the QStock team can help you decide which is best for you. Leveraging the accuracy efficiency of customized data entry.

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