When you are building or kitting items, you need to be able to plan and schedule the work out for your team. A work Order allows you to create a plan for a build, and it gives your team the clarity on the work that needs to be performed. They know what day they need to start building, they know which items are required, where they are located, and how much they will need. The system then tracks the process and makes the required adjustments in quantity, while taking the costs of the components to be applied to the increment of the finished good.

Good Manufacturing Practices

food production

As these actions are performed, each piece is scanned to ensure accuracy, any lot or serial numbers are recorded, and as the finished good is produced, visibility between all transactions are recorded and available through the traceability reports.

This visibility is critical to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, to get your products into larger retailers. While the government doesn’t stipulate requirements, it does hold the last mile accountable. If there is a spoilage issue resulting in damage to a consumer, it will hold the retailer responsible. It is the retailer’s fiduciary responsibility to require traceability.

QStock Inventory has helped food manufacturers not only comply with these standards, but impress auditors which got them into these big box retailers.

Multiple Unit of Measure

Often distributors bring value by ordering in bulk and breaking down for the end consumer. Variable Unit of Measure allows you to buy a gross case on a purchase order, break down to inner packs to be sold. QStock Inventory can help convert and hold stock in any unit.

Discreet Assembly

When building a discreet finished good, the discreet assembly function will direct you through a FIFO pick path to ensure you have proper inventory rotation. Excellent for serial tracked items like electronics or medical equipment.

Batch Assembly

If you are minimizing your change out and building a larger quantity at a time, a batch assembly might better suit your finished good so you can maximize your production.

Batch assembly is ideal for lot tracked items and when units of measure need to be converted on the fly. If you store your raw material in a unit different than you consume it, a batch work order can help automate the complex calculations


QStock Inventory has helped manufacturers not only comply with strict traceabilty standards, but we also strive to impress auditors which helps our manufacturers grow into these big box retailers.

Accurate Costing

It is critical to know your costs of goods, so you know the profitability of each finished good. QStock Inventory posts the raw material decrement right before incrementing the finished good which means that the finished good costing is as accurate as possible.

Reorder and Capacity

As you build work orders, QStock Inventory will tell you what your capacity is to build based on your current inventory and we make recommendations based off your previous weekly sales history so you have the information at your fingertips to make the right decision at the right time.

If your company needs to go lean, then you need to work with a company that has helped numerous businesses increase profitability. Contact QStock Inventory to learn how we can help you achieve lean manufacturing.

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