imagesWork orders are just one of the many facets of QStock’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use warehouse software system. QStock’s automated work orders help business achieve maximum efficiency with its power to:

    • calculate trial builds
    • determine if there is sufficient stock to build trial items
    • reserve stock for any work order
    • use wireless barcode device to perform a directed pick of the work order components
    • use same wireless device to confirm manufactured quantity and put-away left over components
    • updates accounts in real-time to reflect new items and components used

QStock Inventory software makes the transition from sales order to work order as easy as using the RF scanner to track your warehouse inventory. The software helps your business whether your work orders consist of a simple set of directions on how to assemble a product or a complicated multi-level set of directions that describe how smaller parts must be constructed to make the larger product.

Having an easy-to-use software system combined with seamless QuickBooks integration makes fulfilling work orders even easier. Whether you want to finish goods or maintain products, work orders are essential to the process. QStock Inventory offers the most up-to-date software with warehouse and QuickBooks integration to make work orders for your warehouse effective and accurate.

QStock Work Order Application

The QStock Work Order Application allows manufacturers to truly achieve maximum light manufacturing efficiency. The module allows the user to create Work Orders for assembly items and calculate a Trial Build which will allow you to instantaneously determine if you have enough component items to build your required amount. The system reserves stock for the Work Order and the QStock Warehouse Management System utilizes a wireless barcode handheld to perform a directed pick of the Work Order components to a designated Work In Process (WIP) area. Once assembly is complete, the user uses the wireless handheld to confirm the manufactured quantity and put-away any left over components. The host accounting system’s inventory is immediately updated in real time to reflect the newly assembled items and the components used.

QStock is a full blown Warehouse Management System (WMS) that is designed to truly optimize your operations with the implementation of real time wireless barcode technology. You will never miss another customer order again. Inventory is received by purchase order, and order and item numbers are validated. Orders are allocated and picked according to business rules established in the system that send the user on a directed pick of the warehouse. Inventory information is updated immediately during the receiving and picking process. QStock Wireless will manage your available stock and allow you to allocate inventory according to your customer demands. The system can operate stand-alone or interfaced into a host accounting system.

Main Benefits

  • Improve the efficiency of your assembly operations by tracking inventory in real time.
  • Achieve instant visibility as to where your work orders are in the assembly process.
  • Track light manufacturing efficiency and build performance metrics.