QStock Inventory Integration – Easy Post

Multi-Carrier Shipping API. Fast. Flexible. Reliable.

QStock Inventory solves complex shipping logistics problems with a single integration. By leveraging Easy Post’s technology, we can streamline, automate, and gain end-to-end control of the shipping process. QStock’s fast, flexible and reliable cloud-based shipping solution can be used to integrate all of your shipping requirements in one easy workflow from one system. Our best-in-class solution allows for the ability to ship with more than 100+ carriers around the world, while providing carrier pricing and tracking data allowing you to make complex decisions on the fly. 

Barcode Scanning

Effortless data entry for businesses looking to compete with Amazon for speed between order placement, and shipment to customer.

Multiple Integrations

Deep integrations for multiple eCommerce Sites, Shipping, Point of Sale, and finaincial systems to reduce the needs for multiple logins.

Light Assembly

Plan and schedule Work Orders and track your consumption of raw materials to finished goods, with visibility to need and build capacity for planning.

Track & Trace

Forward and Backward tracking of information like Lot, Expiry Date, Manufacture Date & Serials for needs from food to cannabis & consumer electronics to medical devices.

Benefits of a QStock and Easy Post Shipping Integration

Using Easy Post with QStock Inventory opens up opportunities to leverage in module label printing and rate shopping for multiple carriers and shipping methods from within Qstock. Users will also save on shipping costs as Easy Post does not charge any additional surcharges on their label printing capabilities.

Finding a Drop Shipping Partner

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  2. We will want to get an idea of the number of warehouses, items and entities.
  3. Go through your receiving and picking processes to see how you do things today and where you are trying to go.
  4. Learn about if Work Orders or Kitting is involved and to what degree.
  5. Plan a demonstration agenda together and schedule to show you how QStock Inventory will work in your business.

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