QStock Inventory Integration – Magento

Accounting integration, inventory management, multi-channel shipping, and more!

eCommerce platforms have a lot of inventory tracking built in but scaling eCommerce businesses often feel the pain of trying to manage a large volume of orders in a system built for only just one person. Integrating with QStock Inventory gives more people access to pick orders while increasing inventory accuracy and eliminating miss picks!

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Multiple Integrations

Deep integration with Shopify for eCommerce, Wholesale and POS.

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Barcode Scanning

Integrated Receiving from PO’s created in Accounting systems like Intacct and Quickbooks, using barcode scanning through Mobile Handheld Devices.

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Inventory Movement

Moves, Adjustments, Zoning, Transfers from desktops and handhelds and scans.

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Tracking Traceability information like Lot, Expiry Date, Manufacture Date and Serials.

Benefits of a QStock and Magento Integration

Using Magento with QStock opens up opportunities to leverage other advanced features like batch printing of labels, QStock Inventory’s deep integration with shipping solutions leveraging over 60 Carriers gives your business flexibility. QStock manages those tracking numbers through accounting systems like Intacct and Quickbooks.

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QStock Inventory and Magento
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