Control your production with zone allocation or convert your recipes to a batch to maximize productivity. Lot tracking and serialization help you track your finished goods and raw materials.

If you are looking to build kits from combinations of existing items or run a complete manufacturing system, QStock Inventory will help you build your products and have the visibility through your warehouse to trace back from the customer to the receipt on the dock and everything in between.

When a 1:1 ratio won’t work for you, QStock Inventory allows you to convert an item’s recipe to a batch assembly so you can dictate how big each batch is.

Trying to pick .001 TB of salt is not very practical, and making one broom is never as efficient as making 100 at a time.

Often the finished good needs more or less of an ingredient depending on taste, scent, or situation. Our variance setting allows you to set an allowed variance on a component-by-component basis. You choose if you want to require a supervisors password if your procedures are not met.

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