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QuickBooks Integration

Quickbooks Inventory Management for Warehouse OperationsQStock software utilizes the already time-saving efficiency of Quickbooks and adds powerful warehouse management. The result is time saved, additional revenue earned, and a level of sophistication that is easy to learn, easy to use, and impressive to see.

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Sage Intacct Integration

Intacct Inventory Management for Warehouse OperationsQStock is a turn-key solution provider that offers a real-time web based integration with Sage Intacct. We are knowledge experts in all aspects of supply chain management and warehouse management system software. We offer fast and easy remote or on-site implementation deeply integrated with Sage Intacct workflows.

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Shopify Integration

Shopify IntegrationShopify powers over 300,000 stores and if yours is one of them, our direct integration to Shopify paired with our deep accounting integrations to Sage Intacct and Quickbooks provide a powerful
multi-directional front office to back office

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Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping ModuleLean is the new orange and the easiest way to test new products or product lines, drop shipping can  be an easy way to add items without expending capital or losing warehouse space. QStock Inventory’s drop shipping module allows you to rapidly scale while remaining lean.

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Landed Cost

Container ReceivingInternational business comes with a number of costs, and to properly view your enterprise, you need to be able to see where those costs are going so you know exactly where your profits and your losses are. These costs can account for sometimes up to 40% of your product costs and include transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties, and taxes.

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Inventory Control

Barcode ScannerKeeping track of inventory, invoices, and information with QStock Inventory enables your small business to become even more cost effective by ensuring the correct products get delivered to the correct clients, every time. QStock also saves money on paper and labor costs, as well as providing a sense of security for you and your clients.

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RFID & Barcoding Technology

Rfid TagsFor the business who is looking to reduce man hours doing manual tasks and seeking an accurate automation model, Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) is a way to track each component through your warehouse. RFID is often used in compliance with a company’s larger customers.                                            Learn More…

Light Manufacturing

pharmaceutical-factory-workerFinished Goods have to come from somewhere, and QStock Inventory helps you to bring raw materials in to produce that Finished Good. With lot control, QStock Inventory Reporting allows you the traceability to get your goods into Costco and Whole Foods.

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Work Order

Wrokers Counting StocksA work order allows you to create a plan for a build, and it gives your team the clarity on the work that needs to be performed. They know what day they need to start building, they know which items are required, where they are located, and how much they will need. The system then tracks the process
and makes the required adjustments
in quantity, while taking the costs of
the components to be applied to the
increment of the finished good.

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Worker Scanning Package In Warehouse

Traceabillty is not just tracking or showing where a product ended up, it is the complete view of the life of a product. From the lot code on a finished good or raw material, QStock Inventory can tell you when it was received, by whom, who put it away and were, any actions performed on it (moves, adjustments, damage, etc), the work order it was produced under, and when it was picked and shipped.

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Ecommerce Integration

ecommerce inventory managementUsing ecommerce allows for instant purchases and transactions. Ecommerce websites allow customers to choose their product of choice, make instant payments through their credit card and make the order, all of which can take only a few minutes. Instant transactions reduce time in payables, resulting in more cash in hand.

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