Aloha Kauai Kookie Chooses QStock Inventory for DSD

“Aloha Kauai Kookie Chooses Qstock Inventory for DSD”

Kauai Kookie pictureMSA Systems, Inc. of San Jose California is excited to have “Kauai Kookie” now using QStock Inventory. The drivers are delivering Cookies and Island Products using QStock Direct Store Delivery (DSD) software with Intermec handhelds and printers. QStock Integration with Intacct Software updates Intacct’s sales orders at regular intervals to automate data synchronization.  They are creating invoices, credits and saving time in each of the stores, creating time for customer service. With using the QStock DSD with the handheld device and mobile printer they have the ability to do the following in the field: Print Receipts, Capture Signature of Delivery, Process Returns, and Collect Cash.

Kauai Kookie was founded in 1965 by Mabel Hashisaka.  At the beginning, she baked cookies to satisfy a very basic need to provide an island-style dessert to serve at her father’s family business.  Nearly 50 years later, Mabel Hashisaka’s simple idea has evolved into one of Hawaii’s most recognizable and trusted brands. Today, Kauai Kookie bakes more than 50,000 cookies and other specialty bakery items daily as well as produce highly popular dressings and marinades.

Still family owned, but under the direction of a new-look management team, Kauai Kookie boldly embarks on an exciting new era while humbly embracing its rich tradition of creating quality product, delivering excellent customer service, and maintaining a home-style culture with a unique Kauai twist. They are committed to introducing new products that appeal to our local and visiting customers alike at a reasonable price.

Kauai Kookie Products

Kauai Kookies are THE original cookies from the island of Kauai. Our bakers are hard at work creating a variety of island-style cookies and other baked items that uphold a reputation of quality.  Each of their products is baked fresh daily using some of Hawaii’s finest ingredients including macadamia nuts, Kona coffee, and Kauai’s very own Makaweli poi among others to ensure you are purchasing a superior product. Kauai Kookies originally came in eight island flavors – Kona Coffee Macadamia, Chocolate Chip Macadamia, Peanut Butter, Guava Macadamia, Coconut Krispies, Cornflake Crunch, Macadamia Nut Shortbread, and Almond, but have since expanded to many more varieties and flavors.

You can find their products in many retail outlets in Hawaii, the mainland United States, and overseas. You can also order directly from the factory via their website to bring home a taste of the beautiful island of Kauai and rekindle your fondest memories. Visit the factory store just outside of Hanapepe to sample products fresh from our oven or order a unique treat for family and friends. Our friendly staff is always available to make your visit a memorable one.

Kauai Kookie produces more than just cookies. They introduced signature Hawaiian Hula Dressings over 20 years ago and they have become a local favorite ever since. Favorite tropical flavors include Maui-Style Sweet Onion, and of course, the one that started it all, our Papaya Seed Dressing.

Kauai Kookie is running Intacct Software for their ERP which integrates with Qstock Inventory, Work Order and DSD. Kauai Kookie is preparing to deploy the Work Order and Inventory Control Modules.


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