From Customer Orders through to Fulfillment and Shipping Orders

Order management and fulfillment has long been considered one of the core competencies of supply chain-and business-success. Today, maintaining a core competency in order management and fulfillment is more important than ever. At the same time, it has become tougher than ever. The reasons are familiar to any company operating in the global arena.

Here are just a few:
• An explosion of order and delivery channels
• The complexity of global supply chains
• The rising expectations of customers and consumers.
By leveraging systems that separate the master data, business rules, and business process from the physical integrations, they now have a platform for the future which delivers immediate benefits, including:
• Greater transparency and a single source of inventory information
• Reduced cycle times for proposals, orders and fulfillment
• Improved ability to address complex customer needs more quickly and with fewer data errors.
In addition, standardizing business processes across all sites creates the ability to capture best practices for further improvement and efficiency; furthermore, the threats of volatility and change in the marketplace are mitigated by the existence of an agile and scalable supply chain platform.
Qstockinventory allows your master data to be separate from your Distribution data.
Qstock’s tightly knit Integretion with Quickbooks and Intacct keep the data seperate. Your Inventory data stays in it’s own database.

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