Is $11.2 Million Enough to Start Worrying About Traceability?

ConAgra Beanut Butter Recall

For those of us in Food Distribution, we know the importance of traceability. For many, that could have meant something as basic as an Excel log. Since I spent seven years in the food distribution space, you know I am a huge proponent of lot tracking and traceability reporting.

Still, a number of people might not be enticed by the many benefits of traceability. We love to show off our customers who have landed big box retailers as customers because of QStock Inventory’s traceability audits and reporting. For medical device companies, the benefit of barcode scanning and recording the information they are required to track saves them almost a full time person.

The FDA is cracking down on companies now more than ever for shipping product they knew to be hazardous. the most recent is a record breaking $11.2 Million dollar case against ConAgra Foods over peanut butter contaminated with salmonella.

What Can I Do?

Inventory Management Systems like QStock Inventory can help you track your inventory and the lots and/or serial numbers for each part to make sure you can pass mock recall audits for traceability.

Not only can we help protect you, we help make sure your customer has the safest stock, and the consumer has the best product.

Ultimately it is up to you to relay the proper information when the time comes, but we can give you the visibility you need to keep your brand protected.

src: Food Logistics


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