“QStock Inventory helps Ropamex Fufilling orders and Vendor Management”

Ropamex is a California based company that specializes in the sales of cookies, crackers, and other fine snacks. We initially implemented QStock Inventory into their business process nearly two years ago. At the time we started with only an order taking module. We decided to check back in and see how it was going.

We spoke to Ricardo who was their main salesman whose territory ranged from Bakersfield to Stockton. As you can imagine with a territory of that size, efficiency is paramount! With that much time on the road for Ropamex fulfilling customer orders and vendor management, Ricardo needed a software ordering system that works on the fly for him. With 800 skus, it would be impossible to keep track of them all on paper, but they can all be easily accessed via a small handheld terminal that he brings to his customer’s stores.

While it used to take the first half of the day keying in the orders and the second half of the day picking and fulfilling the order, with the automation within QStock Inventory Ropamex saves 4 man-hours a day! The return on investment was huge!

With such a success behind us, QStock Inventory and Ropamex are investigating how much more efficiencies can be gained through completing the sales automation, and automating the warehouse and distribution cycles to make the most out of 2013.

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