Testimonial: Shurhold Industries

Shurhold Industries

“As an international supplier to the marine industry, we’re a manufacturer and a distributor that ships thousands of products every week. Yet, we’re a small business with only about a dozen employees.

We’ve successfully grown to be an industry leader, on such a lean staff, due to automating tasks across the enterprise using Qstock Inventory Software by MSA Systems.

Whether its products for a customer order, or parts for a manufacturing process, an employee simply scans the barcode on an item and the barcode on the item’s location bin. Then, Qstock Inventory confirms whether the item, quantity and location are correct. And, in the background, QStock Inventory transfers the information seamlessly into our accounting package – Intuit’s Quickbooks – on a real-time basis.

By automating end-to-end with QStock Inventory, we’ve eliminated a wide range of time-consuming, mistake-prone manual chores. This has many benefits: Our error rates are nearly zero for every function in the building. Our employee morale is improved because people are less frustrated. Customer satisfaction is way up. And, of course, our inventories are more accurate, day to day, which makes everything else more accurate.

Even the process of taking inventory is more efficient and effective. Before QStock our annual inventory required a full week and the numbers were off by 10 to 12 percent. Now, we do inventory in a day and it’s off by less than half a percent.

In short, we’ve enjoyed tremendous accuracy by integrating of QStock with our QuickBooks and barcode scanning. As a result, our profitability has improved. The system has been such a great help, we wouldn’t do it any other way.”

– Barry Berhoff
President, Shurhold Industries
Palm City, Florida

Here is a link to the Shurhold Industries testimonial in CDW magazine.


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