Last Mile Logistics of Online Retailers

Last Mile LogisticsThe last mile is truly important to the logistics community. How we handle it depends greatly on the systems we have in place and the technology at our disposal.

Amazon is rolling out their own fleet of trucks that take the last mile service from UPS and FedEx and to better control that touch point. An expensive prospect, but a very powerful move.

Uber and Lyft have disrupted the transportation landscape and crowdsourcing options are going to be boosting soon that may give all distributors a very interesting added choice as well.

As more retailers venture into the omni-channel space, last mile has taken on more importance. Two behemoths have taken center stage in the battle for perfecting (or at least improving) the last mile for customers: Amazon and Google.

How are you managing the last mile? Have you taken a look at your logistics or packaging to make sure that the first experience from your customer blows them away? Would you be interested in an alternative to traditional shipping methods?

src: Logistics Viewpoints

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