Mitigate Weather Issues Before they Happen

Railway LocomotivesWith Juno pounding the east coast, it makes you think of how it will negatively affect your business and customers. Shipments are greatly affected by storms of this magnitude, both from vendors to you as well as from you to your customers. It is essential during this time of crisis to be able to have resolutions in place to help mitigate risk and offer customers the best solution possible to continue business with as little disruption as possible.

One of the possible solutions during this time is drop shipping to help ease the burden and eliminate one possible disruption in the supply chain. If your vendors are equipped with drop shipping, utilize them for a short period to maintain customer satisfaction.

Another solution would be to have redundant venders in different geographical areas throughout the country. Having communication with these venders, not just email, but actual phone conversations, will help you to be a better customer, leading to better support during troubled times.

Mitigating supply chain risk early on will help in the long run. It is crucial to create a risk management plan that identifies potential risks throughout your enterprise, including solutions to mitigate them. Problem areas might be physical products unable to get to or from your warehouse, loss of power, loss of internet and connectivity, or even illness of key personnel. Documented plans help reduce downtime when time is most critical.


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