National Manufacturing Day 2014 To Be Biggest Yet

National Manufacturing Day 2014 Logo

National Manufacturing Day is already set to be the biggest yet here in 2014. 1,500 locations have already signed up to host the locally organized national event.

This is an excellent opportunity for any manufacturer to get a chance to see how other companies handle their operations, learn of new technologies and processes, and keep up to date in your own supply chain.

If you are considering a career in manufacturing, this would be a fantastic opportunity to hone up the terminology and techniques that could make you a much stronger candidate. Who knows, you might even find a position!

Click the map below to head over to the National Manufacturing Day website to find locations near you to visit. I for one am very excited to meet some new people in Southern California!

National Manufacturing Day 2014 Locations

What locations are you going to be visiting this year and what information would you like to learn about?

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