International business comes with a number of costs, and to properly view your enterprise, you need to be able to see where those costs are going so you know exactly where your profits and your losses are. These landed costs can account for up to 40% of your product costs and include transportation and handling fees, insurance, duties, and taxes.

Container Receiving

Container Receiving

Shipping internationally requires visibility to shipping containers which are mostly partial lines of partial Purchase Orders and you need visibility to what is coming in. Moreover, you need an easy way for your receivers to bring that product in without hunting for each document and properly set your business up for Landed Cost.

QStock Inventory allows you to build a container based off of Intacct or Quickbooks Purchase Orders and then easily receive against that on the dock using a best in class system that will manage the documents for you.

Multiple Cost Breakdowns

Not all businesses are the same, so QStock Landed Cost Module for Intacct or Quickbooks and does the calculations for you, letting you chose how you want to break down the costs from:

  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Custom

You can even choose how you would like the costs divided so you can put the costs where you know they would make the best representation within Intacct or Quickbooks.

Maximize Product Profitability

Capture extended costs and charges such as freight, insurance, and brokerage fees as well as duties and taxes to illuminate the hidden costs associated with complex supply chains. Be able to compare suppliers from India and China to see which brings the best overall value based on a true landed cost.

Accurate Inventory Valuation

Our primary goal is to make sure your inventory levels are perpetually in line, and the next step is to make sure your valuation closely reflects your true value within Intacct or Quickbooks.

Supply Chain Management

QStock Inventory strives to take you from putting out fires, to perpetual inventory, and finally to supply chain management for Intacct and Quickbooks.

Our staff of Project Managers have decades of experience in Operations in a wide range of industries and revenues. We have the tools and experience to help your team gain the best practices that will realize quarterly or 5 year goals.

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