Benefits of using the QStock Inventory system from MSA Systems

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Barcode for Inventory ControlQstock Inventory is a warehouse management system that was developed and marketed by the MSA Systems, Inc. Their aim is to provide superior supply chain solutions as well as best practices that are inclusive of services, software, hardware and support to all types of businesses in the marketplace. The MSA systems focus on providing exceptional services to their customers, employees and partner. They do this by attracting, retaining and developing the industry’s resources that are directly focused on supply chain solutions. They provide both standard and custom products such as RF ID tags, bar code labels and Bin Labels. Below is a description of the services that users can benefit from the Qstock Inventory.

Inventory control

QStock can be used to keep track of invoices, inventory and information. It is capable of turning the small businesses into a cost-effective venture by:

  • Ensuring that the correct products are delivered to the correct customers each time a delivery is made.
  • Saving the costs incurred in acquiring paper and other labor services.
  • Providing a high sense of security to you as well as your clients.
  • Ensuring compliance of the business with all the industry standards as well as tracking the necessary requirements.

QStock Inventory reduces costly missed shipments, wasted warehouse space as well as underage and overages. A good number of small businesses may be hesitant in making a quick move from paper to wireless systems. However, the instant results achieved over a short period of time in warehouse tracking, compliance with required standards as well as customer satisfaction make the decision more worth-while. Whenever warehouses are organized with little wastage of space, pickers find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. With wonderful tracking capabilities and an understandable invoice, the cost of running business is decreased while the revenues are greatly increased. The RF scanners are easy-to-use and have simple user prompts that make the tracking process of your business easier. Qstock Inventory systems are also integrated with Quickbooks which utilizes electronic invoices rather than paper-based types. This eliminates possibilities of repetitive data entries, saves time and significantly reduces possibilities for occurrence of human error. Additionally, businesses enjoy confident decision making processes, accurate projections and increased revenue.

Bar-code Scanning and RFID

The accuracy of Inventory systems relies on human interaction. Bar-codes are meant to eliminate human errors while the RFID helps the company in automating the supply chain. Using a barcode for Inventory control helps a company in:

  • Eliminating mispicks.
  • Curing the “lost product syndrome”.
  • Achieving the bin level visibility.
  • Tracking point-to-point transactions.

The Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) is one of the tools to use in tracking each of the components in the warehouse. It helps businesses reduce the many hours used in handling manual tasks. MSA systems help businesses in installing RFID systems that are basically required in the receiving process of most companies. There is a variety of RFID labels in the market and they range from pennies to several dollars each piece. RFID is the best tool to use in increasing accuracy and automation as well as reduce man hours used in handling tasks manually.


Serialization and lot tracking is the best way to ensure clear traceability of the products throughout the production, receiving and sales processes to the end customers. Business owners can also track their end products right from the raw materials used in the manufacture process. They can also track the development of the product throughout the manufacture process. This makes it easier for business owners to track any failures in the production process. While using bar-code for Inventory Control ensures automation and accuracy, lot tracking and serialization add some level of visibility into the warehouse. QStock Inventory allows the user to maintain the information about their business to the required level with consideration to each individual item.

Assembly work orders

Businesses can utilize zone allocation to control their level of production or convert their recipes into batches that maximize the level of productivity. QStock Inventory helps companies build their products by combining the building kits of the existing systems or running a complete manufacturing system. It also enhances the visibility required in tracing back all the activities involved from the receipt on the dock to the receiving customer. The system has a variance setting that allows the user to set the number of products to be produced in each production process.

Warehouse management

Warehouses can never be the same. Each of the warehouses can be uniquely configured to control what the end users can see, the processing of orders and the kind of information that should be tracked throughout the company. The QStock Inventory system controls the financial ERP system in rising:

  • The visibility of the Bin level.
  • The forward and backward traceability by using the lot and serial tracking system.
  • The cycle counting process without necessarily stopping the business.
  • The level of accuracy of the bar-coded commodities.
  • The automation of the RFID system.
  • The opening of the API in order to bring the whole enterprise together.
  • The transaction tracking process.

The QStock system enables the user handle all the heavy business issues with much ease. This allows the business owner to concentrate on some important business issues that contribute to the success of the business.

Direct store delivery

With a QStock Inventory and ERP system, the user can perform a huge number of sales, take payments, give their customers immediate specific pricing as well as sync seamlessly. The QStock Inventory consists of a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) module that works independently or can be integrated with a full WMS. This allows the user to bring their device back into the office for charging. The device automatically creates the RMA for the products returned and the invoice for all the sales made in day. A new feature has been recently upgraded in the system that allows the user download specific information about the specific pricing. This ensures that each of the returns and orders has the correct pricing. Business owners can also allow some quick discounts for their customers. These systems will ensure your business route is as simple as possible and you will eliminate the necessity of manually entering the orders whenever you need to respond to customer requisitions. With the QStock Inventory system from the MSA Systems, businesses can enjoy stress-free operation and increased profits.

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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