QStock Inventory vs. Fishbowl – Order Data Integrity

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Quickbooks is one of the most popular software programs for small businesses. According to the Framingham, Massachusetts research group IDC Industry Insights more than half of all small businesses use Intuit software. QStock Inventory is a certified Quickbooks inventory management solution that gives you the realtime benefits you need for accurate and efficient Automated Data Capture (ADC) and Bar Code Labeling.

With several solutions on the market touting inventory benefits with Quickbooks, we want to share the differences between QStock Inventory and Fishbowl Inventory.

One of QStock inventory’s greatest strengths is the way that purchase orders (PO) & sales orders (SO) are handled within Quickbooks. QStock Inventory allows you to input your POs and SOs directly into Quickbooks.

An example of this is as follows:

When you bring in items into the warehouse you make a PO in Quickbooks. After the it is created, Quickbooks then pushes the PO over to QStock where the PO can be received via any number of scanners.

The item receipts are then pushed back to QuickBooks and the QuickBooks PO is updated. This is considered a best practice for “preserving data” among ProAdvisor and Quickbooks users to keep QuickBooks data intact.

Quickbooks maintains the financials, including inventory quantities, and QStock Inventory is the powerhouse software that runs the stockroom. Warehouse transactions for receiving, picking/shipping transactions, and material handling are processed with simple user prompts and bar codes on wireless RF scanners. Then the results are sent directly to QuickBooks. QStock Inventory also works with QuickBooks Advanced Inventory to manage inventory in multiple warehouses.

QStock Inventory replaces manual processes with bar coding technology for the small business owner to boost sales, to keep track of inventory, and to report on critical transactions. For the QuickBooks user, QStock Inventory seamlessly manages their inventory, whereas with Fishbowl it takes over your order management and does not give you any flexibility.

Qstock Inventory gives you the track and traceability of all your products, goods, and received items in your warehouse. It is the most robust, dynamic choice for the QuickBooks user to manage all their inventory needs.

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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