10 Quick Tips about eCommerce Inventory Management

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We live in an internet sales landscape that is largely dominated by many smaller eCommerce sites that, to an extent, makes it feel like you’re just a number and one of many – because you are. This article will assist you in offering ten quick tips on eCommerce inventory management and give you the perspective you need to stand out and grab the attention of your consumer base. Capture them, keep them, and turn prospective customer into long-term customer.

1. Build Customer Trust and Confidence
You have fifteen seconds to make a first impression. It’s from that point forward that you begin building a relationship with your customer. The customer needs to have the confidence that your company will deliver upon any promises given and that the product purchased will perform up to their standards. Do this once for them and then do it again. This is of utmost importance with eCommerce inventory management.

2. Share Photos of Your Store and Storage
Though the structure and bones of our world is still text-based information, you’re buildng an eCommerce inventory management brand and brands are built on images. Provide attractive HD-quality photos of your store and storage.

3. Attach Importance to Your Website Design
If they can’t find what it is they’re looking for within thirty seconds, that customer is gone. It’s like they’re walking in to your eCommerce inventory management store. If they walk in to a clothing store and there’s just bins with the clothing just thrown in there, no one’s going to want to shop there. Know why your customers are there and where you need them to go.

4. Simplify Your Ecommerce Website
Make it easy. You want the elements of your eCommerce inventory management website to be easily seen and you want your message clearly stated.

5. Optimize Your Website for Search Engine Use
Begin looking into search engine optimization. This is of extreme importance. Customers go to search engines looking for specific products and if they can find your product faster than they can find your competitor’s then you’ve just made a sale! Learn how to find yourself listed among the first few results in a search engine.

6. Activate Virtual POS Usage
Your customer needs to be able to select their item, buy their item, and receive a receipt with a confirmation number on the site itself. If your eCommerce inventory management system isn’t capable of virtual POS then you’re gutting yourself before you’ve even started.

7. Offer Alternative Payment Methods
Make it convenient. The more available payment methods, the easier it is for a customer to make their purchase and the more sales you will accumulate because of it. Credit cards aren’t enough. Think PayPal. Try to accommodate a few different payment methods.

8. Make the Most Use of Email Marketing
Email marketing isn’t as out-dated as many people think. Depending on your target audience, try to build a database of emails to employ through email marketing – send them a new informative article every week or every few weeks informing them of new products or new services available on the site.

9. Offer gift cards and product campaigns
There are many opportunities to promote yourself through the use of gift cards, product campaigns, and other promotional strategies set to further promote your eCommerce inventory management brand. Get them coming back to the site. Create a sense of urgency while they’re there. Get them purchasing. Think a 30% off sale or a special Christmas price, etc. Be creative.

10. Follow Your Advertisements Feedback
Get feedback from not only your clients but your advertisements as well. Adjust yourself accordingly. It takes time to build a business and part of that is finding an audience. As you continue to adhere to feedback, you will begin to find yourself an audience that you can then build on.

eCommerce inventory management isn’t a difficult concept yet so many flounder simply because they don’t know how to properly run their operations. With these ten quick tips, you now have the information you need to successfully capitalize on clients who want to make purchases online. Speak to your customers – don’t think about the product you’re selling but rather, the solution you’re offering. Craft your eCommerce inventory management brand around being the answer to the question that your target market have always asked themselves. Be the leader and lead with that answer.

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Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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