A Beginners Guide to Supply Chain Finance

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The Benefits of QStock Inventory

QStock Inventory is an innovative system that was created by MSA Systems. Their mission is to be the best in class turn-key supply chain solution. They do this by using state-of-the-art software, excellent services and superior hardware that supports small businesses.

MSA Systems is continuously creating the best human and technology resources for supply chain solutions. Their strategy is to provide the best value to their customers through the use of their systems.

Many of the largest and most profitable companies in the world have multiple warehouses that are a huge factor when it comes to their profitability. MSA Systems understands this and it’s why they’ve created QStock Inventory to make companies even more profitable by being able to improve how these warehouses are run. The Warehouse Management System (WMS) from MSA accurately tracks of important information and transactions that happen in the warehouse.

Supply Chain Finance

With QStock Inventory, receiving, picking, shipping and material handling are all integrated with the financial system so there’s no need to input the data manually.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Every business who distributes a product has some sort of Supply Chain Management (SCM) system. This is the process of watching over all of the materials, information and finances, but more specifically it is within the warehouse. It’s important to keep an eye out on everything being delivered to the warehouse and leaving the warehouse in order to keep proper records and ensure the company is not making mistakes that can lead to profit loss.

SCM is not only used for the oversight of everything moving from the company to customers, but it’s also to keep track of everything within the company. Larger businesses may have multiple warehouses, so they need to keep track of everything that’s moving from one warehouse to another. These types of detailed records help to reduce inventory.

The problem is that using paper to keep track of everything can open the company up for a large margin of error within their own supply chain management. QStock Inventory is a software that includes Barcoding and Inventory Control in real time. The best part about the QStock Inventory software is that it fully integrates with a company’s financial systems as well. The other functions of QStock inventory include Manufacturing, Work Order and Direct Delivery. Each function is designed to make the company’s supply chain finance systems better and more efficient than ever.

Where Supply Chain Meets Finance

By properly maintaining the supply chain, the business can become more profitable. QStock Inventory helps prevent everything from errors, to lost inventory to underages and overages. Any of these issues can cause the business to lost money due to time being spent or having to replace missing or lost inventory.

A lot of the software and hardware that a company uses for their supply chain management is to help keep better track of all of the inventory in order to prevent potential losses. This can main that there are many places where the proper data must be input in order to keep track of everything. QStock Inventory knows exactly which programs companies use, so they’ve designed the software to easily be integrated with just about any system out there.

Intacct and QuickBooks Integration: An important part of supply chain finance is obviously the ERP system. QStock Inventory easily integrates with both Intacct and QuickBooks to make it more efficient than ever. The extensions include managing inventory, light manufacturing as well as deliveries. All of the company’s Order Management and Financials can be kept in the ERP.

The integration with the ERP is another way that QStock Inventory helps increase efficiency by eliminating the possibility of human errors during manual entry. The best part about the integration is that QStock Inventory takes some stress of business processes in Operations off the ERP software so it can perform better.

Inventory Control: Every warehouse must keep track of their inventory, invoices and information on a regular basis. The integration of QStock Inventory with these systems helps save time and money by reducing labor costs. The features of QStock Inventory help reduce the chances of overages, underages and wasted warehouse space.

By switching to this wireless system, the business will also save money on paper and labor costs because everything will be controlled through the software. After implementing the QStock Inventory system, businesses quickly see how the accuracy helps everything in the warehouse run smoother than ever.

Work Order: Within the warehouse, work orders are created to make a plan for the workers. It gives them direction and lets them know what to build and when. Their day often starts by locating the items that are needed to complete their job and QStock Inventory can help them do this quicker by ensuring everything is exactly where it should be. The visibility that QStock Inventory provides to the warehouse ensures workers are able to continue working without losing time searching through the warehouse.

Critical Inventory Visibility

One of the most important parts of running any warehouse is the visibility. You must know exactly what’s in your inventory so you know how to keep up with the demand of your products. Eventually, the business grows and it’s increasingly harder to keep track of inventory. Orders come in, and every single piece of product must be inventoried to ensure the finances are correct. This task can be extremely tedious when you have to do it manually. Once your business grows to the point where you need more warehouses to hold your inventory, it becomes even more difficult to keep track of everything.

Conducting an inventory of each warehouse costs companies thousands of hours every year, which can begin to eat into profits. By using QStock Inventory, businesses are able to run more efficiently than ever because everything can be controlled and monitored from a single dashboard. Workers will no longer have to spend time manually scanning each piece of inventory because the Inventory Management system will do it automatically. The greatest benefit of having software that does these jobs for you is the accuracy. By having accurate numbers, there is a decreased chance of human error, which can cost even more time and more money.

There’s no limit to how much QStock Inventory can handle either. Whether the company is just starting out or is continuously growing, QStock Inventory is able to keep up with scalability as needed. New companies who are quickly growing may feel overwhelmed by the increasing inventory on a regular basis, but QStock Inventory’s automation helps make the growth of the business easier than ever by being able to maintain visibility no matter how large the business’ inventory becomes.

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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