Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the Future of Businesses and Everyday People

Cloud computing is a way to easily access documents and information anywhere with internet connection. This is useful if you are the type of person who is always on the go. Have you ever heard of iCloud for Apple? This is the exact same thing! The sharing and accessibility with cloud computing is the beginning of our future. Our generation came from silly old floppy disks and progressed all the way to a Universal Serial Bus (USB). Now, we all have the capabilities to access any information and download it to any device with internet connection. By cloud computing you are never limited to saving documents and having documents on your PC. This is a huge opportunity for businesses. Being stuck to one device while you travel or need to leave your PC is a hassle, and with cloud computing you will never be tied down again!

Storing information onto a cloud is quite simple. The importance of cloud computing relates to backing up your documents and making sure they are safe.

Cloud Computing Advantages

· Demands of goods or services can change fairly fast, and this gives businesses the chance to react just the same.

· There are disk usage issues that will be canceled out through sharing your documents on cloud.

· Cloud computing is cost effective for companies by being able to move businesses to share.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

A Warehouse Management System is a 3rd party software package. A 3rd party keeps industries advancing at exponentially fast paces. Cloud computing deals with a Warehouse Management System which means you have to put your trust into the 3rd party for keeping your documents safe. The Warehouse Management Software does have plenty of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

· Increasing quality and efficiency. (The organized warehouse will produce numerous inventory advantages including locations, statuses, and types of ownership. This gives your company an advantage against other competitive companies.)

· Improves business operations and profitability. (This allows the business to optimize resources and opportunities which will improve overall businesses.)

· Stimulates and improves decision making. (The Warehouse Management System provides accurate information you entrust in the warehouse. This allows every member of the company to gain any knowledge needed to make better decisions for the business.)

· Customer satisfaction skyrockets. (By having real time visibility of products, orders are able to be fulfilled in a timely manner, which results in increased customer service.)

Inventory Control Environment

Inventory is every company’s largest asset which is why inventory control and cloud computing go hand-in-hand. Taking care of the control of your company’s inventory can be a hassle, but with cloud computing inventory is made easy. With inventory you have to keep track of so many things and this can cause mistakes and errors that your company doesn’t have time or room for. Errors such as these can be prevented with an automated warehouse management system.

Your company will be able to improve and access all documents needed with cloud computing which raised the outcome of the business. Here is a list of what takes place with inventory control through cloud computing and using the Warehouse Management System:

· The maintenance of more accurate records. (The inaccuracies of records can result in too much or too little product)

· Producing dead stock. (The Warehouse Management Software will show rates on what are producing more and what is producing less. Giving you more of an idea on what needs to go.)

· Inventory material handling. (Determines what product needs to be moved efficiently with an effective inventory system.)

· Inventory management processes. (This will ensure your materials are available for delivery or even production.)

· Being able to forecast more accurately. (Accurate forecasts for the future are demanded of the products in your inventory. With cloud computing you are able to better collect any needed information for better decision making. This eliminates forecasting mistakes.)

· The efficiency of inventory tracking and management. (This also helps with customer satisfactions. Being able to deliver products and on time can be a pain. But with the Warehouse Management System leads to no possible mistakes.)

· Purchasing and Supplying. (This contains the suppliers your company deals with and how well things are actually being dealt with.)

· Other purchasing issues – (Being able to manage paperwork and data in a timely manner. If employees have less access to documents then it can cause a decrease in the purchasing process.)

Cloud computing is the next big thing! Cloud computing is the future of our generations. Business will dramatically increase in stocks and production by using this mechanism. This is not just for business, but also for the people around the world. This software is not only simply and easy, but also extremely effective in everyday life. Cloud computing is the future by the vast production of the internet, and as long as there is internet then there is cloud computing. Cloud computing is growing and only getting better. This means the Warehouse Management system and inventory control will raise as well.

To learn how a cloud based warehouse management system can help your business, contact QStock Inventory today.


Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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