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James WongWe would like to welcome the newest member of the QStock Inventory, Jame Wang, our new Executive Business Consultant.

We asked him some questions so you can better get to know the man on the other end of the phone.

Q:  Are you from here?  If not, tell us a little about where you are from.

I grew up in New Mexico and then New Hampshire, but mostly New Hampshire and moved out to California about 10 years ago.  It’s a little strange not really having “seasons” like I was used to, but I think I’ll manage.

Q:  What attracted you to MSA Systems/Qstock to become a part of the team?

The team is so positive and friendly.  When I met with Majid and others I’d be working with, the vision and values of the company really resonated with me and just felt right.  Also my background of previous tenure at Intacct seemed like a great fit for me to bring that experience to the table as we continue to build out that partnership and relationship.  It was hard not to be excited about the potential that’s there and in general here.

Q:  And on another personal note, what do you like doing for fun so we can learn a little more about you?

My wife and I love traveling.  We’ve been through the Panama Canal, the Coliseum in Rome, held a sting ray in the Dominican Republic, missed our plane in Venice because we didn’t expect the streets to flood, and scooter driving in Mykonos as a few of our favorite memories.  We are also fairly adventurous.  On our 3rd date we went sky diving together.  On our 4th date I bought her a motorcycle helmet.  We now have a little 10 month old, so we don’t really do much of the adventure sports stuff right now, but are having more than enough fun with adventures in parenthood.

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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