Tracking inventory tops the lists of how to become an efficient business. No matter how much you promote your product or how great your customer service performs, your business will hurt if you lose track of inventory items and locations.

Some businesses will have a simple storeroom that needs tracking. Others may have multiple warehouses. All of them have product that needs to be tracked. If you receive an item, if you manufacture a product, or if you ship an order, QStock’s tracking can help you.

QStock Tracking Technology

By using the RF scanners in conjunction with a simple yet sophisticated software system, you can know exactly where your inventory came from, where it is currently located, and where it’s going. The easy-to-use handheld computers give your company a professionalism that rivals the bigger competition.

If your goal is to get into the “big box” stores, then having acurrate information is imperative to get your products on their shelves. Knowing where your product is located at any given time matches the importance of knowing what your product does and why people should buy it. QStock Inventory is a system to help your business grow by tracking critical product, inventory and shipment information on a realtime basis.

QStock Inventory

QStock offers Warehouse Control, Integrated Shipping, eCommerce, ASNs, Commercial Invoices, Customer Portal, Drop Ship, Lot & Serial Track and Trace, Work Order, with compliance label printing from FDA UDI compliance to SSCC-18 Labels.

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