“By adding WMS technology you reduce man power and hours during peak season”

Today most direct to consumer retailer companies are faced with getting there product out faster more efficient and cheaper .Unfortunately many companies are still running paper based systems. With technology available they are stuck doing it the old fashioned way.

Here are some examples of companies that have taken the steps necessary to reduce man power and amount of hours worked during peak seasons.


Some recent clients that have described their venture from Paper based to automation were “Oriental Trading Company.” “Wagner says the transition from manual processes to automation was relatively seamless.” “Our associates have gone from walking 7-10 miles a day to less than a mile, which has been a huge win for our pickers.” “Wagner says. “We’ve had a significant reduction in turnover.” What’s more, associates are cross trained on a variety of jobs to ensure that the facility can execute to the wave plan. Taken from Modern Handling edition set 2011


Another client that added a full Warehouse Management system was Agron that has seen a decrease of labor with the WMS that MSA Systems implemented roughly a year ago.


Reduced staff by 35 percent during normal operating hours.

Reduced staff by over 50 percent during peak periods.

Realized an ROI for their investment in less than 12 months.

Agron personnel boast that they did this while significantly increasing the number of units shipped per day.


With these metrics that these direct to consumer retailers are getting once they have automated it boggles me why more retailers are not making the move to automation and better technology with it so widely available. So if your Peak season is Christmas and Valentine’s Day start a year in advance with automating your warehouse.

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