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Warehouse Management

How Warehouse Management Systems Pay for Themselves

When looking at integrating a warehouse management system into your existing structure, the initial investment may be a little intimidating. There is a large cost associated with beginning a restructure. The payoff outweighs the initial […]

Barcode vs RFID

RFID vs Barcode

When considering converting a warehouse system to a new supply chain solution, one decision to be made is whether to go with barcodes or radio frequency identification (RFID). Being able to compare them side by […]

Amazon Robot Warehouse Automation

A Day in the Life of an Amazon Robot

Amazon has found an inventive and futuristic way of revolutionizing inventory-control in their larger than life warehouses. Amazon robots have taken over the way product is organized and delivered to the picker for final packing. […]

5 questions for inventory control

5 Critical Questions For Inventory Control

On February 19, 2014 BTerrell and QStock Inventory did a joint webinar to bring awareness to how inventory control can bring products more effectively and efficiently to the end customer. In doing so, they brought […]


Traceability Reporting

Hello and Welcome, This is Justin again from QStock Inventory and today is traceability day! If you handle food or pharmaceuticals, you know what I’m talking about, having crystal clear visibility forward and backward for […]

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