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Engineer Ordering To Worker

What is MRP?

Material Requirements Planning, or MRP in short, is a scheduling, inventory control system and production planning control system that is used to maintain manufacturing processes. It is an inventory management system that is designed to […]

Perpetual Inventory

Back to Basics: Perpetual Inventory

When it comes to inventory, keeping an accurate record is crucial. This way, you would be able to tell exactly what stocks are available, what stocks are nearing zero, which ones move the fastest, and […]

Xavier Cabo Posigen

Posigen Testimonial

What issues did you have with your last inventory management software that was causing you the most pain and had you looking for a new solution? They didn’t take the time to customize the tool […]

Amazon Robot Warehouse Automation

A Day in the Life of an Amazon Robot

Amazon has found an inventive and futuristic way of revolutionizing inventory-control in their larger than life warehouses. Amazon robots have taken over the way product is organized and delivered to the picker for final packing. […]


Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Hi, this is Justin from QStock Inventory. Today I want to talk about the 3 biggest factors investigating multi-warehouse inventory management systems. Visibility When you first start out in business, it is easy to walk […]

Item Numbers

Item Numbering

The dos and don’ts of how to properly number products within the warehouse. 0:01 Introduction 0:30 Special Characters 1:07 All Numbers 1:26 A Mix of Special Characters and Numbers and Letters 1:35 Special Characters to […]

Unit of Measure

Unit of Measure

A description of how having a proper unit of measure and inventory system can increase the amount of products sold and help relationships with customers. 0:01 Introduction 0:24 Main Considerations 0:37 Base Unit of Measure […]

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