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Best in Breed

Best-in-Breed vs Integrated ERP

When looking for an ERP system, there are two solutions to consider. A Best-in-Breed solution is when a combination of solutions is purchased from different vendors. For instance, a human-resource solution may be purchased through […]

Amazon Robot Warehouse Automation

A Day in the Life of an Amazon Robot

Amazon has found an inventive and futuristic way of revolutionizing inventory-control in their larger than life warehouses. Amazon robots have taken over the way product is organized and delivered to the picker for final packing. […]

Item Numbers

Item Numbering

The dos and don’ts of how to properly number products within the warehouse. 0:01 Introduction 0:30 Special Characters 1:07 All Numbers 1:26 A Mix of Special Characters and Numbers and Letters 1:35 Special Characters to […]

Unit of Measure

Unit of Measure

A description of how having a proper unit of measure and inventory system can increase the amount of products sold and help relationships with customers. 0:01 Introduction 0:24 Main Considerations 0:37 Base Unit of Measure […]

Barcode vs RFID

Barcode vs RFID

A brief description of the difference between barcode and RFID and the benefits of both. 0:01 Introduction 0:20 Barcode Vs RFID 0:29 Different Types of Barcode 0:39 Benefits of Barcodes 0:49 Description of RFID 1:25 […]

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