Qstock Inventory works for Food Processor in Sunny Southern California

A Southern California sweetener company Kav America. Kav inquired about Qstock Inventory early on with their distribution plan. Kav the natural sweetner works with most major retailers, Natural food and Organic and Gluten food processors and companies. They offer Ecommerce and retail line for the KAV products. Tak Lam owner of Kav America said “that he looked around for a Quickbooks Inventory solution to manage his inventory from the get go and found the best solution for his warehouse was QstockInventory. He reviewed other solutions and researched Quickbooks solutions for warehouse and found QstockInventory the best offer for his needs.

Here at MSA Systems we welcome Kav America to the QstockInventory family.

Qstock inventory found at www.QstockInventory.com is the leader for Inventory control softwares for the Quickbooks and Intacct market. For customers running a distribution warehouse they have the advantages of Lot Control, Real time Scanning, and  immediate updates in Quickbooks. Qstock Inventory is fully integrated with Quickbooks Pro and Enterprise as well as a cloud offering with Intacct ERP Cloud solution.

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