The Advantages of Inventory Management Software

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If you already have Inventory Management Software you may not know about this feature. For any business that deals with large international orders, the usual, everyday anxieties center on everything from the customs house and the container ships to the general disarray of a supply chain gone wild. But, each of these areas is fairly manageable when confronted one at a time. The real challenge is tackling these arenas while managing numerous container ship orders, thousands of in-transit products, and hundreds of customer orders during a turbulent shopping season. In the shipping business, things can get out of hand very quickly.

Fortunately, the right inventory management software can be the difference between a problematic supply chain and a well-oiled shipping machine. Here’s how inventory management software, like QStock Inventory, can give you the tools you need to manage every step of the supply chain with ease.

Inventory Management Software

How inventory management software supports your supply chain

Managing your inventory can be pretty complicated without the right inventory management software. When you’re comparing container shipping costs in China and India, and documenting dozens of orders per day, each comes with differing product valuations and warehouse destinations. These various facets of the industry require efficient tracking, not only to ensure that your goods are taken where they need to be, but also to guarantee your understanding of the shipping’s real costs.

The overall shipping cost is known as the landed cost. It’s the bottom line price to deliver something to a customer, including each individual cost to your business. With inventory management software like QStock, you can easily manage all of your goods from a single interface, tracking every piece of useful information along the way, from lot numbers and container shipping costs, to product valuations, landed costs, and more. Each piece of information makes your growing supply chain easier to manage, scale, and operate with your warehouse teams.

Seamlessly manage international shipping

QStock Inventory enables your warehouse to easily order and track a container shipment of goods from your warehouse to your customers’ doorstep. Multiple cost breakdowns give you incredible access, letting you know, along every step of the shipping process, where your goods are located, and what their landed costs are. While it can take weeks for a container ship from China to reach your customers, knowing valuable information ahead of time gives you the opportunity to start the planning process sooner, which means more sales, and easier inventory management.

Having all your cost information available through a single interface also means easier reporting and quarterly estimations. You can even compare shipping options with ease, seeing which port of origin offers the greatest value for your supply chain. All of this additional information makes international shipping and customs easier to handle than ever before.

Grow your supply chain with ease

QStock Inventory enables your business to get the very most out of its shipping operations, enabling your business to expand without worrying about inventory, warehouse, and supply chain issues along the way. Getting landed costs, product valuations, and other crucial information in your financial system makes monitoring profitability and shipping goals a simple task.

QStock Inventory also provides access to lot and product identification information throughout the shipping process — when goods arrive from container ships, when they leave the warehouse, and when they’re potentially sent back as customer returns. An active supply chain involves goods movement in both directions, especially as products are shipped, returned, refurbished, and reshipped to customers all over the world. Tracking all of these steps is simple when you have the right inventory management software, which further scales your supply chain, and maximizes profitability for products that might otherwise go wasted or leave customers unsatisfied.

These facets are merely a taste of what QStock Inventory offers. This software can help you get the very best out of your business’ supply chain. Learn more about how our inventory management software can meet all of your business needs across your entire shipping operation.

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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