How Food Distributors Can Maximize RFID and Barcode Scanning

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Implementing a solid inventory management system is essential for any company that wants to be as successful as possible. It is also crucial to avoiding data errors or lost inventory, which can result in loss of revenue and consumer trust. Fortunately, inventory management can be easily accomplished with Intacct and the QStock Inventory extension, a powerful dual punch that provides real-time inventory management for distribution businesses.

Distribution businesses that effectively monitor their real-time warehousing capabilities in this way, with Intacct and QStock Inventory, as opposed to relying on traditional methods like manual spreadsheets, benefit from several significant advantages.


This is, in part, because Intacct and QStock automate the process, using tools such as RFID and barcode scanning to ensure lot and serial number traceability, detection of out-of-stock and overstock situations, regulatory compliance, and UPS/FedEx parcel carrier integration.

These benefits are perfect for many industries, including eCommerce, medicine, and consumer goods. Food production and distribution is another area in which Intacct and QStock integration can prove to be a huge asset—the importance of inventory is even higher in this field due to expiration dates and general quality compliance. This is where RFID and barcode scanning can save millions for a large food production and distribution business.

Recognize Its Power in Compliance and Product Freshness

Every food distribution business knows that one appeal of RFID and barcodes is their small size, which is particularly useful to such businesses, where a single fruit or vegetable can be smaller than the size of one’s hand. That’s why every fruit you see in the supermarket has a sticker on it, and many include a barcode detailing the product’s origin.

FDA regulations can shut down a food distribution business quickly if a contaminated product is released at the fault of poor inventory management. The RFID and barcode scanning functions that are essential to QStock’s solutions prevent this from ever becoming a possibility.

The ways Intacct and QStock ensure compliance and product freshness are numerous:

  • Lot number information
  • FIFO Inventory Rotation
  • Zone Storage
  • Traceability reporting: QStock allows users to look up a product’s entire production process, from the source of its raw materials to its end destination. This is particularly effective when investigating the cause of contamination of a product, which is essential to ensure FDA compliance and product freshness.

Increase Employee Productivity via Barcode/RFID Integration

Several studies point to the idea that a business’ success is tied to employee happiness. In the food industry, it’s difficult for warehouse workers to feel content with their jobs if they have to constantly run around without a clue as to where inventory should go. The integration of RFID and barcode scanning makes life much more convenient for these workers by providing product information with one quick scan. Store or warehouse workers can effectively use a wireless scanning tool in conjunction with QStock to have all product information available at their fingertips.

In the food industry, where even a simple apple or orange could be one of many varieties, having this information wirelessly can ensure workers that no mix-ups are occurring. The “eye test” doesn’t always work in an industry where three apples can look the same but be entirely different in both actual type and retail value. The time-saving and convenient advantages of barcode/RFID integration would be a welcome sight to employees in any business that has yet to fully utilize inventory management software.

How to Get Started

Whether you already have a barcode system in place or are a new business looking to get started, QStock Inventory addresses the priorities of food distribution businesses, including traceability, accuracy, visibility, management, modernization, order fulfillment, and inventory control.

Contact us to learn more about how to use Intacct and QStock Inventory to bring your food distribution business to the next level.

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen

Justin Velthoen has 20 years of supply chain experience, from food distribution to manufacturing, to systems management and implementation. His primary focus is helping businesses realize the cost savings directly to their bottom line.

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